Planning your session

Your session is a time to relax and have a blast!  Each session is unique, and while I might suggest a certain type of session will take a certain amount of time, I am not shooting to the clock!  I purposely try to book only one client per day to ensure each client gets the specialized attention they deserve.  That being said, here are some tips and suggestions to make the day go smooth and capture some great images.



As you can see here, seniors are my favorite subject.  You guys are a fun bunch, full of life, joy, and so much passion. I love working with you guys!

Whether you’re doing a shorter single location session or a longer multi-location session, you should bring at least three different outfits.  In fact, bring more!  I may not have you wear everything, but the more you have to choose from, the better I can coordinate styles, colors, and backgrounds.  A must:  make sure your clothes are cleaned and as wrinkle free as possible. I’ll even give you an extra star if they show up on a hanger.

Choose clothes with simple designs.  We’re not shooting an ad campaign here haha ( I’m funny I know it), so try to avoid logos and busy designs.  On the flip side of that:  if you have a job or participate in an activity that requires a uniform, bring it along!  You can never be over-prepared.

Be groomed!  Girls, get your hair done. Bring makeup.  Even if you don’t wear a lot of it, eye makeup, powder, and lip gloss really help to enhance your images.  Guys, you can get your hair done, too!  (or at least comb it, hehe!)

Most importantly, bring stuff that really embodies who you are.  Some of my best sessions are those where seniors bring some of their own props.  Play sports?  bring a ball, jersey, or other accessory.  Have a favorite pet?  Bring her along, dogs love me!  Into music, art, or some other hobby? Bring something along that emphasizes that!  Like the water?  You might even prepare to get wet!

And off course bring that nice gorgeous smile that I know you have.

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Maternity photography is an opportunity to celebrate you as a woman, a mother, and a family.  Usually 33-35 weeks is the ideal time for this session.  By this time, you have that big beautiful belly, but at the same time you’re still comfortable and mobile.  These sessions are unique and allow for a great variety of images, from the casual to the family oriented.  Many women want to involve their partners or other children in this session.  It’s totally up to you!  Be sure to talk to me about what your expectations are for the images you want to achieve.








Babies are a specialty that require a lot of time and patience.  I do everything I can to ensure that I have a calm, warm environment to keep baby cozy and sleepy for a great session!  I have tons of props, so unless you have something extra special that you want to get an image of baby with, you need only bring yourself and food for baby.

These session can take up to 4 hours.  They take a lot of time because, as you may well know by now, babies live by their own schedules!  We will want to allow time for breaks and feeding.  Some things you can do to make baby comfy and calm include:

-Newborns sessions are done around 5 to 10 days old, so it is never too early to book your session. please give us a call to book your session early in your pregnancy .

-We want a sleepy baby.  Keeping her up for a few hours before the session may help her be sleepy by the time the session starts.

-Feed her right before the session.  Feedings induce sleepiness, and that’s what we want!  In fact, it’s perfectly OK to wait until you arrive at the studio to do the feeding.

-The less people the better.  Try to limit the session to mom and dad only.  Others may cause anxiety, and we want to limit the stress on the baby.  If there will be sibling shots, let us know in advance.

-Bring clothes for yourself if you want pictures with baby.  This is a very intimate time, so clothes with simple color schemes and designs are best.

– Keep in mind we keep our studio pretty warm (usually 85 degrees or so) since baby will be in the nude.  Dressing yourself in layers would be  a good idea.

-Best outfit for a new baby is their naked butt.







Families and Children

Family photos are a fun bonding time.  I do everything I can to make sure that we have FUN!  I usually incorporate a variety of posed and candid shots into my sessions to try to capture both the beauty of your family and the love you share.  Some things to make this session extra special include:

-Coordinate the clothes.  Don’t go for matching outfits, but definitely identify a color scheme or theme and have everyone go with it in their individual way.

-Simple is better.  Avoid clothes with blaring logos and busy designs.

-Bring props.  Hats, scarves, umbrellas, or anything else that makes your family stand out from others is definitely welcome.

-Come fed and well-rested.  We all know that tired and hungry children are cranky children! I will promise cranky kids ice-cream for after session… But parents will have to pay for it!



Couples and Engagement Sessions

These sessions are a time to really celebrate your relationship and your love for each other.  My goal is to capture that magic you two share, the passion, the funny playful faces, and last but not least the romantic and sweet bond you two have.  Bring a variety of outfits that highlight the many different facets of your relationship.  A good mix of fun, casual, and refined looks will help to bring out the many different ways you celebrate each other.  In terms of preparing for the session, the following steps help ensure a fun session:

-Be groomed!  Get your hair done! (You too, comb your hair guys!)  Pamper yourselves the day of the session like a spa treatment, or at the very least spend some time on makeup and other details.  Bring makeup to the session for touch-ups.

-Make sure the clothes are clean and wrinkle free.

-If there is something that really symbolizes your relationship, bring it along.  Rings, gifts, or something that represents a special hobby or past-time you share can really help personalize the session.


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  • Ryan Pittman - February 18, 2016 - 12:50 am


    We have 10 day old twin boys and are interested in newborn photos. We had no idea we were supposed to do this so soon after birth! What does your pricing and availability look like? Thank you in advance!

    -Ryan PittmanReplyCancel

  • Ashley gardner - March 14, 2016 - 1:31 am

    Hello, I’m a senior in high school and I’m in need of senior pictures! I was wondering if you can do just backdrop pictures! I want a dl classic senior picture feelReplyCancel

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